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Vacuum pack tray sealer. MAP vacuum packaging. Large trays packaging. Designed for supermarkets, catering and gastronomy. 60 m³/h vacuum pump.

• Suitable for butcheries, pasta factories, large scale distributions and laboratories
• Type of packaging: MAP (modified atmosphere packaging)
• Up to 3 cycles per minute
• Suitable for trays with a maximum height of 115 mm
• In stainless steel and on wheels

• Quick mould changing
• 1 customized mould with profile cut (MAP)
• Automatic film waste collection
• Control Panel with 5 pre-set programs
• No. 3 volume reducers
• Storage gas tank for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)
• Automatic drawer
• Safety vane for high oxygen gas mixes (O2 > 21%)
• Automatic tray lifter

cod. 1410V214

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  • Width (mm)815
  • Depth (mm)1130
  • Height (mm)1500
  • Max. impression (mm)400x280
  • Max. impression with profile cut (mm)

  • Max. height of the tray (mm)115
  • Max. width roll (mm)470
  • Max. ø roll (mm)250
  • Vacuum pump (m³/h)60
  • Voltage230V 3~ - 400V 3N~
  • Power (KW)3
  • Weight (kg)275



Customized mould with profile cut for MAP

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Art. TMAXI100

More powerful 100 m³/h pump

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Art. 1408V105

Double gas inlet

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Art. 0404V921

System for pre-printed film usage

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Art. 1408V062

Silent compressed air generator to be placed into cabinet with air tank 15 L

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Art. 1408V085

Silent external compressed air generator with air tank 25 L

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Art. 1408V087

Integrated remote maintenance module

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Art. 1408V111

Additional hardware module for remote monitoring, with data saving on the proprietary Cloud

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Art. 000CLOUD

Cloud Storage, annual fee

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Art. 15030128

Protective cover in PVC

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If there is one thing that more than 25 years of history has taught us, it is that the extraordinary success of our machines comes largely from the quality of the products they are able to return. Simple but tasty dishes that are able to meet any need and generate, today just like in the past, sincere and universal appreciation. If the future is what you are looking for, don’t worry, just ask for a no-obligation quote!

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From its birth until today the low temperature sous vide cooking has become a reality, able to blend with different cooking techniques, from traditional ones to the most innovative ones, with indisputable advantages. First of all, the possibility of obtaining uniform and extremely precise cooking results, without any dispersion of the precious nutritional food properties. Thereby the aromas of the raw material are kept intact, ensuring exaltation of taste and a soft and juicy consistency. Secondly, this choice offers a clear reduction in consumption, especially for considerable productions that are daily scheduled for the kitchen line, with an opportunity to keep on cooking even at night.

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