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 Vacuum packaging for preserving and cooking

Vacuum packaging of food is a preservation technique which is very useful in the kitchen and the modern retail trade. This system of packaging slows the growth of a large number of micro-organisms which require oxygen to proliferate. This is translated into enormous advantages for company savings and allows the activity to:

> optimise purchases
> efficiently plan weekly work
> avoid waste
> increase the size of the menu and the number of products offered to customers
> efficiently organise spaces in the fridge
> offer a hygienically preserved and therefore better quality product

All this is made possible with the purchase of a professional vacuum chamber packaging machine and the use of suitable bags.

 Long shelf life for food
All vacuum packaged products, preserved at low temperatures, keep for longer periods of time. Their shelf life is increased without compromising organoleptic properties such as quality, colour, aroma and flavour.
 When is a modified atmosphere needed?
With modified atmosphere vacuum packaging (MAP), the air is removed from the bag and a measured mixture of gases is added, which effectively contrasts the natural decay of the product, increases shelf life, controls the level of humidity and prevents the product from being crushed (e.g. fresh pasta).
At times, red meat may darken and this problem is counteracted by the addition of oxygen mixed with nitrogen and carbon dioxide, which helps preserve the colour for many days.
 Vacuum cooking
By cooking in vacuum, water boils at a temperature lower than 100°C and this preserves the more sensitive components of the food. Many useful elements such as vitamins, proteins and fats as well as aromatic substances remain unaltered. This technique requires the use of suitable heat-resistant vacuum bags.
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