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Outside vacuum packaging
Chamber vacuum packaging machines
Soft Cookers
Manual Thermo-sealing machines
Pneumatic Thermo-sealing machines
Electrical Thermo-sealing machines  
Vacuum thermosealing machines for skin pack  
Packaging Lines
Knives sterilizers
Wrapping machines
If a chamber concert is your favourite way to spend a few, relaxing hours, most probably you are so fond of it that would like to play in a chamber orchestra yourself. Rock fans, on the contrary, might say that chamber music is just slightly better than a chamber of torture… No music - except for the chink of coins, maybe - in a chamber of commerce, nor in a chamber of shipping: they are devoted to business.
But even businessmen need romantic music, from time to time! When they are in love, sweet notes seem to get deep into the chambers of their heart, and they become extremely fragile: pity there is no chamber vacuum-packaging machine for humans, to protect them from lovesickness.