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Few words in our vocabulary are misused like the word “empty”: empty words are without meaning, empty heads do not know how to reason...
Yet, creating an empty space, a vacuum, around food, packaging and sealing it in a protective atmosphere if need be, means almost tripling its lifespan, protecting it from bacteria and preserving its quality over time.
Vacuum-packed: these few letters introduce us to a world of hygiene, freshness, savings, elimination of waste, optimizing purchasing and working in the kitchen.
The organoleptic features are preserved, food does not dehydrate, flavours and colours remain vivid.
Sometimes with certain foods, and to obtain best results, it is necessary to remove air and add a gaseous mixture - primarily nitrogen and carbon dioxide, but also oxygen, argon, nitrous oxide - which helps to preserve food and prevent it from being smashed and turning dull: fresh pasta, sliced cold cuts and meats are the most frequent examples.  Vacuum-packaging, in special bags, makes it possible to cook many foods delicately; this is possible because in the absence of air, the foods can be cooked at lower temperatures, to the complete advantage of nutritional elements, of scents and of fragrance.
And we are not talking only about stuffed pig’s trotters or pork sausage!  Other advantages? Vacuum-packed foods do not lose their flavours, smells, colour, and therefore can be stored in the refrigerator next to each other; anyone who has dealt with certain cheeses knows very well how sublime flavours sometimes join up with smells much less appreciated.
And the guarantee? It is inherent in our name: Valko. We have always produced professional quality equipment for vacuum-packaging: an articulated range of packaging machines, thermo-sealing equipment and systems for food packaging, capable of responding to every need.
There are hand-operated, semiautomatic and automatic, table top or standing machines - also for modified atmosphere packaging - that fully meet the needs of the catering and food distribution sectors, whether large or small.
In addition, we produce accessories and options for our machines and provide supplies - vacuum-packaging bags, trays and spools of various sizes - along with assistance when needed: rarely, because the structural simplicity of our equipment translates into robustness and maximum reliability. Some say that our equipment is like a fairy-tale - FAVOLA -, and this suggested the name for our most renowned line.
In the end, even for this presentation, the accompanying images hold a vacuum-packed dream, which makes reality more poetic..

Valko s.r.l. - Sede legale: Via Berlino, 1 - 24040 Bottanuco (BG)
Codice fiscale e partita IVA: 02371540168 - Numero di iscrizione all'Ufficio del Registro delle Imprese di Bergamo n. 02371540168
numero REA:284416 - Capitale sociale: EUR 100.000,00 i.v.